2020 Team Members

TEACH Robotics is a team full of amazing people, and we are all unique. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, different interests, and different jobs on the team. What we do in our daily lives and our free time varies greatly. Here we have a list of our team members and a few things about them as individuals!!

Anthony Robbins – CEO, IT Director, Outreach, Presentation, Spiritual companion, TEACH Robotics: 5th year:

Hello, my name is Anthony Robbins, and I am the Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, to TEACH Robotics. This means that, well, I run this team, and that’s a lot of responsibility, but with the help of our Board of Directors and Executive Vice President, it works out. Through my experience on this team, I have learned many things, the most prominent being personal growth in courage.

When I joined, I was shy, I didn’t talk to people, and I was young, so hey.  But my teammates reached out to me, the coaches guided me in various projects, and I grew, and I’m so thankful I did!  There are so many things I’ve accomplished now that I would have never thought of because of my experience here, and that’s awesome, so thank you!  It’s the people here and the values we hold as a team that makes it so appealing.  As a team, we are a group of Catholic Homeschoolers, we attend mass together, we pray before and after every meeting, every competition, and every game.  We are youth-led, which is fantastic. It helps bring out who each of us is meant to be, we are all challenged in different ways and it is incredible to watch the people around me in their journey.  Okay, inside the team, we are one unit working towards the same goal, but we each have our thing outside. For instance, I love computers, and since my time on this team, I learned EasyC, some Java, and a healthy dose of HTML and CSS. I make bowls and pens on a lathe at home and give them to my friends and family. They make great gifts 😉 I like to run, and I would listen to music all day long if I could! And being a male teenager, you know it, I enjoy playing video games with my friends…but I have to keep a clock next to me, or I’d end up doing that all day too!  To close up here’s one of my favorite inspirational quotes by a man with a great name if I do say so:

“Leaders spend 5% of their time on the problem and 95% of their time on the solution.  Get over it, and crush it!”

Tony Robbins

Piper Cobb – EVP, T – shirt, Social media, Outreach, Presentation, Spiritual companion, TEACH Robotics: 4th year:

Hi, my name is Piper Cobb. I am the Executive Vice President (EVP) of TEACH Robotics, which means that I help the CEO run the team. I do this by ensuring that everyone knows their jobs, that everything is organized, jobs are efficiently delegated, and by answering team members’ questions.

    One of the main things I have learned from being on the team is that delegation is okay. I used to not want to give projects to other team members because I thought I could do it all, but I’ve found that I can’t. As a Catholic, it is essential to pray, and as a team, we pray before every meeting. It helps to keep us grounded throughout the stress of the season. Outside of the team, I listen to music constantly; it helps keep me calm. I am also a second-degree blackbelt in Taekwondo. I’m also quite clumsy, which sometimes makes Taekwondo interesting. So, as a second-degree blackbelt, you’re supposed to be well-balanced and sure-footed… Well, one time that didn’t really work out. I was running backwards for an exercise we were doing, and I stepped wrong and sprained my ankle. Unfortunately, spraining my ankle wasn’t the worst part. I was sprawled out on the mat for a good few minutes because my ankle hurt so bad; it was “great” being the highest rank there at the time, sprawled on the floor, and all eyes on me. In the end, my ankle healed, which is good, but now I have that clumsy story. It was a great moment.   

Our Engineers:

Chris – Engineering and Field Build Director, Outreach, Safety manager, TEACH Robotics: 4th year:

Hello, my name is Chris. I am a sophomore. I have been on this robotics team for four years and have worked exclusively in engineering. I am currently the Director of Engineering and Field Build. I enjoy video games and archery.

Luke – Engineering and field build Director, Team DJ, Compliance manager, TEACH Robotics: 3rd year:

Hi, My name is Luke, this is my third year on the team, and I have two older brothers who were on it before me. BEST Robotics is a great experience, and I am so glad to be a part of it. I play Fortnite.

Jed – Engineering Manager, Chaplain, Historian, Photography, Spiritual companion, TEACH Robotics: 3rd year:

This young man is the team’s Engineering Manager, Historian, and Chaplain whose job(s) mostly entails drilling, cutting, holding on to things ETC. There is also some decision making, photography/videography, and saying grace before meals thrown in. Jed has been with the team for three years, and in those years, he has been positively affected by the team’s friendly work environment, inherent Catholicism, and how the team has offered him something constructive to do with his time. Through it, Jed has learned various things about the adult world, but he thinks that the real treasures were the friends he made along the way. Jed strives to be a good Catholic all the time. Other than that, Jed is a not-very-well trained musician who makes songs for fun. His favorite music is the music you probably wouldn’t listen to and his favorite quote at this time is: “I caught him’ (the thief) ‘with an unseen hook and invisible line which is long enough to let him wander to the ends of the earth and still bring him back with a twitch upon the thread”- Brideshead Revisited.

Emma – Engineering, Notebook Manager and liaison, Outreach, Presentation, TEACH Robotics: 3rd year:

Hi! I’m Emma, and I love being a part of TEACH Robotics. I have learned SO MUCH the last three years about working with other people, especially through taking responsibility in leadership! I like dancing, drawing, reading, and power tools. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and cousins!!!

Charlotte – Engineering, Presentation, TEACH Robotics: 1st year:

Charlotte is excited to be doing Robotics with TEACH for the first time. She has experience in programming and public speaking and writing and editing, skills that will assist her in recording robot design and strategy development in the Engineering Notebook. Though Charlotte lacks familiarity with the practical aspects of engineering, she is ready to learn and trusts her capable teammates to teach her everything she needs.

Zara – Engineering, TEACH Robotics: 1st year:

Hello, I am Zara Lidyard. I am 17 years old and a junior. I became interested in robotics when I was younger.  I’ve always enjoyed taking things apart and figuring out how they work. I especially enjoy electrical wiring, as I used to take apart the old motherboards and computers at my dad’s work. Art is a passion of mine; I love to draw and design things. I am interested in science, particularly animals and dinosaurs. I am currently working towards a vet-tech certificate through 4H and hope to pursue some aspect of animal care in my future career. 

Tin Tin – Engineering, Field build, TEACH Robotics: 1st year:

I enjoy my job as an engineer because I get to use new power tools to build the robot.

Our Field build department:

Krisna – Field build Manager, Photography, Outreach, Historian, TEACH Robotics: 2nd year:

Hi! My name is Krisna. Last year I was part of the Photography, Field Build, and Batteries Departments.

    My favorite part of being in TEACH Robotics is that I am always exploring new things. For example, Robotics was where I constructed my first wooden structure. I also like that we have a small team, so everybody has a part.

    I’m currently reading a lot about space and NASA. I also like drawing, and I just learned how to draw an armadillo.

Gabriel – Field build, Assistant DJ, TEACH Robotics: 2nd year:

 Hi, my name is Gabriel.  I am in 6th grade and love video games, movies, music, and especially, TEACH Robotics.

Toby Field build, Engineering, TEACH Robotics: 1st year:

Hello, my name is Toby. I am 11. I go to a Montessori school, so I don’t have a grade. I like building with k’nex and listening to audiobooks.

Max – Field build, Batteries, Marketing, TEACH Robotics: 1st year:

At TEACH Robotics, I am in charge of batteries. I make sure the robot batteries are charged for game day, and I charge them on game day. I also help with field build a bit.

My hobbies are playing video games, playing with Legos, reading books, and doodling on paper.

My favorite subject in school is math. 😊

Xavier – Field build, Historian, TEACH Robotics: 1st year:

My favorite part so far was asking for money to support our project and actually getting it. I felt so proud.

Our IT department:

Sebee IT supervisor, Programming manager, Robot programmer, Presentation, TEACH Robotics: 2nd year:

Hello, my name is Sebastian. I’m in 8th grade and am the head supervisor for our programming (IT) team. I have a passion for programming and have been programming since 5th grade. It will be my second year in the TEACH robotics group. I like a good movie/TV show and reading, playing video games, and playing baseball.  My favorite movie, by far, is Spiderman into the Spider-Verse. 

Nathan Website Manager, Robot programmer, Chaplain, Outreach, Spiritual companion, TEACH Robotics: 3rd year:

Hi, my name is Nathan. I’m in 7th grade and am Homeschooled (Like everybody else on the team).

I love: reading, building with Legos, playing video games, and doing robotics. I am the website manager and our team’s Chaplain, along with another Chaplain. It is my 3rd year on the team, and I LOVE Teach robotics!

Manny Robot Programmer, CAD design and website design, TEACH Robotics: 3rd year:

Hello! My name is Manny, I’m in the 10th grade, and I’ve been working in the IT department at TEACH Robotics for 3 years. Some of my jobs include programming the robot, working on the website, and making CAD designs. I enjoy the works of Miyazaki and Wes Anderson, writing, creating 3d animation and modeling, taking bike rides, and raving to Slavic Dubstep.

Issac Robot Programmer and website design, TEACH Robotics: 1st year:

At TEACH Robotics, I am in website design and coding the robot. I am currently making a robot game based on what we have to do for this year. The game will be up at the end of the season on the website. My hobbies are coding on ScRaTcH, playing video games, reading, playing LEGOs, and drawing. My favorite subject in school is math A.K.A. division.

Our Marketing Department:

Arianny – Marketing director, Presentation director, Outreach, Social media, Spiritual companion, Teach Robotics: 3rd year:

On the team, Arianny manages social media posts, Team Spirit (cheering our team during competition), and the Marketing Presentation (selling our robot to the judges). She is grateful for the experience on the team, which has led her to work better with people of different styles. Additionally, it has given her great friendships. When she’s not busy with robotics or other school assignments (which she also enjoys), she takes pleasure in playing games with friends, reading historical fiction, and crafting greeting cards.

Silvia – Marketing, Compliance, Historian, TEACH Robotics: 1st year:

Robotics, for me, is an opportunity to be creative. I wrote a story about a lazy robot, and I have decorated posters and other pieces promoting our work.

Our mascots:


– Two of our mascots –