2020 Outreach

About Our Outreach Efforts:

In our part to give back to our community and promote STEM-related activities, TEACH Robotics is constantly looking for new opportunities and new organizations to partner with and spread the word about BEST. We work to provide fun and educational resources to students who would not previously have had the opportunity.

Who we partnered with in 2020:

Communities In Schools & Christ Child Society

Although volunteering has become complicated due to Covid, our team found a way to teach remotely and continue our commitment. Partnering with Communities in Schools and Christ Child Society, we reached out to students of low-income families. Our team put together robotics sets such as mini bristle robots, catapults, and buildable lego cars. A president of the local Christ Child Society remarked, “the experiences [with TEACH Robotics] thus far have been no less than impressive.” By continuing our team’s reach even during the pandemic, we provided an opportunity for those children who otherwise may not have had a chance to experience science, technology, or engineering.

Guadalupe Radio Network!

Three of our team members have gone to the Guadalupe Radio Network (KATH 910 AM) for an exclusive 20-minute interview with Radio Host and Producer Sissel Anderson. This interview was recorded and will be aired live on Oct. 31st, 2020, around 3:10 pm, directly following the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

We are proud to be able to give you all a preview of the interview at the generosity of the network: IOW TEACH-Robotics

You can find out more about the Guadalupe Radio Network or listen live on their website: GRN-KATH-910-AM

Thank you GRN for allowing us to take advantage of this opportunity!