What is BEST?

The BEST (Boosting, Engineering, Science, and Technology) competition is known throughout most of the United States.  This competition is held every year with a different “theme” and different tasks for the robots.  This years theme is called “Off the grid”.  Some themes before this year were “Mining”, “Windmills”, and “Chip-boards”.  Every year BEST gives each team four motors and four servos and many other helpful materials to make the robot; certain ‘consumable’ materials, like extra pvc or wood, we must get ourselves.  Many of the teams ask for sponsorship in money, t-shirts, and even pizza for that reason.  This competition is made for middle and high-schoolers who are interested in careers that involve engineering.

You might be thinking, “Well I don’t really want to be an engineer,” that’s okay, building the robot is only a little part of what we do.  When you enter BEST there are two competitions:

  1. The actual game, where you build and drive the robot.
  2. The Competition called “BEST”.

The “BEST” is mainly “Marketing”, team spirit, making t-shirts, writing notebooks, even making a booth etc… The list  can go on for on a long time.

By “marketing” it is meant making booths, writing a professional notebook or journal, and so forth.  The teams are supposedly actually companies trying to advertise their robots.  There is a section of BEST during which the team dresses formally and the judges will come and ask questions about their robot and team.

BEST started in 1993 and grew throughout the years.  TEACH (Texas Association of Catholic Homeschoolers) joined this competition several years ago and has continued each year with more and new people.  Last year was the first time they found the special marketing part of BEST and tried it.  This year they plan to work harder with our sponsorship and outreach.

To learn more, please visit BEST’s website at: http://www.bestinc.org/b_about_best.php.