T.E.A.C.H. Robotics is a company of engineers and designers who have been constructing robots for years. T.E.A.C.H. represents the Texas Association of Catholic Homeschoolers, an organization dedicated to homeschooling education. The team’s goal is to help spearhead industries such as farming and mining while promoting BEST (Boosting Engineering Science and Technology). They are part of the Cowtown Best hub. To see the company’s progress through the years, you can visit the pages of past products, competition, and photos.


2015 was the first time TEACH entered the designing category known as the BEST competition. In our very first year of it, we won first place at Cowtown BEST. This astounding feat, considering many of the other teams had more members and larger funds, has pushed our team to higher heights. We were determined more than ever to win again in future years.


In 2016, we attained 3rd place in both the robot competition and the BEST Award.  Sadly, however, this was not enough to advance to regionals. However, this gave us plenty of motivation for…


In 2017, we placed 4th with our robot and 4th in the BEST category. Our prospects looked dim, but we were able to advance to regionals! There, we placed 22nd out of 500 teams! Our team looked forward to the next year.


This year, our team is preparing for a number of its high-ranking members to graduate to college. In order to prepare for this, the team has introduced a number of new candidates for the next year’s leaders. We are looking forward to this year’s competition!