2020 media

We are Live Streaming the 2020 BEST Regionals Competition:
[Return on Saturday, December 12th, 2020, for the live stream]
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Hey everyone!

We live in a very digital world, and the rate at which digital information travels is amazing! One category of information specifically is digital media:).

On this page, you can find various pictures, videos, and other links to media resources such as radio interviews.


Three of our team members have gone to the Guadalupe Radio Network (KATH 910 AM) for an exclusive 20-minute interview with Radio Host and Producer Sissel Anderson. This interview was recorded and will be aired live on Oct. 31st, 2020, around 3:10 pm, directly following the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

We are proud to be able to give you all a preview of the interview at the generosity of the network: IOW TEACH-Robotics

You can find out more about the Guadalupe Radio Network or listen live on their website: GRN-KATH-910-AM

Thank you GRN for allowing us to take advantage of this opportunity!



 Unfinished “cells” for our field and parts of our robot 

Our programmers and engineers
Our team during an All Saints’ Day party